Infant Gut Microbiome Testing Is The Future

What’s a “Microbiome”?

The human microbiome is the genetic material of all microbiota (organisms, including bacteria) that live on and inside the body. The vast majority of microbiota live in the large intestine. From their immune system to their to brain development, baby’s microbiome influences nearly every part of their body!

What influences baby’s microbiome?

Bacterial exposure, or lack of, largely influences a baby’s microbiome. Mode of delivery at birth, feeding methods, antibiotic usage, and solid food introduction are key players in bacterial exposure for a baby. Check out our previous article “Baby’s Gut Health”, it goes into much more detail about this topic!

How our Microbiome Test works

Curious about purchasing a microbiome test kit for your baby? We’ll give you the rundown on how it works:

There’s more where that came from…

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